Coreena Robertson



COREENA ROBERTSON grew up in Richmond, B.C. Canada, where her family owned and operated Fraserview Care Lodge. For more than two decades, Coreena was front and centre, helping hundreds of seniors live life to the fullest. 

Coreena would fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a sportscaster, working as a freelancer for a number of Canadian media outlets. She would also earn a Bachelor of Human Kinetics Degree from the University of British Columbia as well as a Kinesiology and Exercise Science Diploma from Langara College. Coreena is also a certified yoga and pilates instructor, all of which she put to good use at Fraserview, helping residents stay fit and active. 

Coreena was instrumental in creating Fraserview's in-house media centre which provides seniors with an opportunity to learn to Skype and use other forms of social media. One of her greatest contributions to the Recreational Program at Fraserview includes the development of a video series called Boomerang LIFE, which helps promote memory recall and cognitive stimulation in seniors living with dementia or Alzheimer's. 

Kathy Kovacs


KATHY KOVACS is a former sports broadcaster, having spent nearly two decades reporting, writing, and anchoring sportscasts in Edmonton, Alberta, Phoenix, Arizona, and Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Kathy is also a published author and public speaker, using her life experience to help empower women who have been victims of domestic violence. 

Kathy has worked on a number of feature documentaries through Network Entertainment including "Johnny Cash: American Rebel"  and "I Am JFK Jr."    Both she and Coreena also served as Assistant Producers for the 2013 documentary, NASH: The Steve Nash Story. 

Kathy is now focused on trying to help diminish the devastating impact of dementia and Alzheimer's on our aging society. She is determined to help make the journey of all those afflicted with these brain-robbing diseases a more positive one through The Dementia Care Connection project as well as through the use of the Boomerang LIFE video series. 

Our History

Meet Coreena's Grandparents, Steve and Audrey Baron

- Narrated by Coreena 

In the Beginning: Coreena's Grandparents

In 1958, Steve and Audrey Baron ran a six person home for seniors in Winnipeg called Stradbrook, which cultivated their desire to help and serve the elderly. In 1970, Steve and Audrey made that dream a reality when they opened Fraserview Intermediate Care - now home to more than 100 residents and employing over 70 staff. Fraserview Intermediate Care's legacy has been carried on by the family, including the Barons' children and grandchildren.