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Israeli Scientists may have found a cure for Alzheimer's, MS, Crohn's and Colitis with one drug.

The Fix: How One Peel Nursing Home Took a Gamble on Fun, Life and Love

The Fix: How One Peel Nursing Home Took a Gamble on Fun, Life and Love.

The most dangerous story we can tell is how simple it was to change.   

The Star

By Moira Welsh

Video by Randy Risling

June 20, 2018

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Smart Insole Tracks Dementia Patients BBC News

Smart Insole Tracks Dementia Patients

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Jane Krakowski Shares Her Father's Struggle with Dementia on the Today Show

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Why Is Coconut Oil in the News so much?

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Our Top YouTube Picks

The Self Portrait


Artist with Alzheimer's Draws Self Portraits

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ABC News - Experience Dementia


Experience 12 Minutes with Alzheimer's

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Joey and Molly


A mother and son's journey with dementia

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Spirit Unforgettable


Spirt of the West lead singer battles dementia in an award-winning documentary

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The Four Myths of Dementia


TEDxDCU (Dublin City University)

TED Talk with Professor Kate Irving

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"Still Alice" author Lisa Genova


TED Talk with Lisa Genova, an American neuroscientist and author of 'Still Alice'

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TED Talk with Samuel Cohen


Alzheimer's is Not Normal Aging

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Alanna Shaikh


How I'm preparing to get Alzheimer's

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Rebecca Doig


Rebecca is 31, pregnant, and has Alzheimer's

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Kids and Alzheimer's


Kids sit down for a frank conversation with a woman who has Alzheimer's

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CNN's World's Untold Stories


Inside the Dutch village where everyone has Alzheimer's 

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Glen Campbell


A documentary profiling the country music legend's struggle with dementia

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