Caregiving Tips

Ten Strategies for Caregiving

Alzheimer's Dementia care giver help practical advice

 Dealing with Alzheimer’s and other dementias is often about doing the exact opposite of what seems like the right thing to do. 

Here is some practical advice.

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Dementia Care Do's and Dont's

dementia Alzheimer's senior living blog sarah J. Stevenson caring for dementia Alzheimer's

'A Place for Mom' Senior Living Blog by  Sarah J. Stevenson provides a list of Do's and Dont's when caring for people with late stages dementia or Alzheimer's disease. 

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Understanding Dementia Behaviors

help caring for Alzheimer's dementia troubling behavior communication difficulties practical

Some practical strategies for dealing with troubling behavior problems and communication difficulties often encountered when caring for a person with dementia.  

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Middle Stage Alzheimer's Caregiving

dementia Alzheimer's care giving help middle stages disease

An in depth booklet on how to care for someone in the middle stages of Alzheimer's.  

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Repetitive Questioning Tips

Respond repeating questions how to with Alzheimer's or dementia

Four ways to respond when someone with Alzheimer's keeps repeating questions. 

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6 Must Read Books

Six must read books for care givers dailyCaregiving Alzheimer's and Dementia

Six Must-Read Alzheimer's Books for Caregivers. Provided by DailyCaregiving.

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